Monday, January 19, 2015

Skinny is Shameful

If you're like me, you're thin, tired, and nervous. Wouldn't you like to pack on some weight? Every girl wants to pile on some pounds, right? 

I too am a "jittery, discouraged girl who never seems able to add an ounce"! Hahaha!

Lifeless Skin Spoils Marriage

Face it, girls. He only married you for your skin. " I know how I'd feel if I were a man." She sure better do something about that dry "middle-age" skin. How DARE she!

2015? Try 1931! It's MAD GENIUS time! Ah, Jack !!!

The Mad Genius, 1931
The ever-delightful John Barrymore as a Russian puppeteer turned ballet impresario -- just look at that amazing face!



 What, no profile??

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Is IRIUM one of the radioactive elements?  Will it give me radium jaw?  Pepsodent will protect me, right? I want well-groomed teeth!

Wake up, liver bile! Rise and shine!